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Although he was achieving good results, he wasn't reaching his full potential because his love for learning had been destroyed & hence his grades were steadily declining.

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Completely failed by the system, he hated school, was always tired & homework time was a major frustration for both of us. He was severely frustrated & quickly heading to become yet another ADHD statistic.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Geography Fun

WoW, I just can’t believe how fast time is flying these days. We are counting the days to the boys’ horse camp in September at which time hubby & I will also be going away for a few days’ break.

Due to my 3rd grader’s intense dislike to textbooks & worksheets, I have had to do quite a bit of research into finding material that wouldn’t be met with protest. I have come across a whole bunch of educational games for Geography and have posted them on my Science Recourses page under point C. Earth Science (Geoscience).

Here are some of the best resources I have found so far.

  • Google Earth Explore the world in 3D from anywhere. Get the  world’s geographic information at your fingertips.
    • Fly to any place around the world.
    • See 3D buildings, imagery, and terrain.
    • Find cities, places, and local businesses.

  • Geography for Kids An in depth online geography textbook written for kids. Learn about the world around you. Geography is the study of the Earth as it exists today, focusing on the surface, the atmosphere, the oceans, as well as the distribution of plants, animals, and people.

  • Rader’s Geography 4 Kids If you are looking for physical geography or earth science basics, stay on this site. It's not just for geography for kids, it's for everyone. This site has an introduction to the earth sciences that includes topics on the Earth's structure, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere (for a start).

  • Africa for Kids African Geography with free Video Clips, Games, Powerpoint Presentations and Clip Art.
  • South Africa's geography and climate by
  • Sheppard’s Software will help you gain a mental map of the world's continents, countries, capitals, & landscapes!
  • National Geographic for Kids’ geography games.
  • Digital Dialects free to use and fun online Geography Games.

  • PlayKIDSgames for geography & puzzle games.

  • Learning Games for Kids A great of geography education can be effectively taught through geography games and map games. These geography learning games help form the basis for understanding our country, our states, our world.

  • Geography Map Games More than 25 games to learn geography and have fun! As more than 3 millions players, find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. And be warned : speed is very important!

  • Geographic learning about geography and the countries of the World.

  • Test your Geography Knowledge geography quiz.


Please visit my Science page frequently as I will be posting regular updates as I find more resources.


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