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Although he was achieving good results, he wasn't reaching his full potential because his love for learning had been destroyed & hence his grades were steadily declining.

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Completely failed by the system, he hated school, was always tired & homework time was a major frustration for both of us. He was severely frustrated & quickly heading to become yet another ADHD statistic.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mathematics Recourses

Local Suppliers

Box'nDiceis a creative Maths package for young children. It consists of a variety of manipulatives, a DVD with activities and an electronic parent guide Email Marise Oberholzer

Foonda-Mat1x Logooffers a series of maths games are a hybrid of text book content and computer technology intelligently packaged for endless use by all. Email African Intellect

Jade Educationpresents the Singapore approach to Maths, Science, English & IT.

Marshall Cavendish Educationis the leading K-12 educational publisher in Singapore and has more than 40 years of experience in educational publishing.

MasterMathsoffers extra maths help for grades 4 to 12. Classes are ‘lessons’ supported by highly trained tutors teaching mathematics. Maths tutoring throughout SA is also available in Afrikaans.

Mathleticsis the next generation in learning, helping students enjoy maths and improve their results. It covers the full Reception to Year 12 curriculum.

SuricatePublishingfor step-by-step full curriculum Maths Workbooks.

International Suppliers

CarrotSticksis a fun mathematics game environment for K-6 students that challenges students to develop their basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. It can be played individually or in a head to head format with another player. (FREE Basic version only allows addition)

Making Math More Fun Printable Math Games gives you 4 books jam packed full of kids math games and fun math activities to make math exciting and easy to learn.

MathBlasterMathblaster saving the galaxy using math skills.

TeachingTextBooksWe’ve been using this for our youngest with great success. He is a strong Kinaesthetic learner and hates worksheets, but with TT he easily manages 54 questions in 30 minutes as opposed to 1 worksheet in 1 hour.

VideoText Interactive

complete, easy-to-understand Algebra and Geometry courses on DVD! You get Video Lessons, Course Notes, WorkTexts, Solutions Manuals, Progress Tests, Instructor’s Guides, and unlimited Toll-Free Telephone Support.

Multiplication facts made easy & fun! Times Tales works by turning an abstract multiplication problem into easily remembered stories that the child can relate to.

Numbers become consistent,  familiar characters that come together in different combinations, each time with the multiplication fact

hidden in the story. First the child learns the stories, then, step-by-step, the story elements are peeled away. Finally, the child is left with a basic multiplication fact but his mind is triggered to recall the story involving those characters, thus revealing the answer to the problem.

City Creek PressCity Creek Press offers Times Alive the Times Tables Fun Way Deluxe Kit 808 which is a popular kit for the student that thrives on multi-sensory learning methods.  It has everything to teach multiplication and simple division inside and out. They also have a multiplication CD-Rom/Download available.

Free Resources

  • KhanAcademyoffers 2,400 FREE videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history to help your student learn whatever they want, whenever they want, at their own pace. They have also added 125 FREE practice exercises to enable students to practice concepts. Parents can also sign up as coaches to track their students’ progress.
  • Bars, Lines & Pies, an instalment in The Actuarial Foundation’s "Expect the Unexpected With Math®" series, opens students’ minds to the practical power of mathematics while learning about the environment and recycling. (Free Printable Math Lesson Plan and Activities)

  • Using a fictional rock band called The Conversions, Conversions Rock helps students improve their math skills through exciting examples of how to convert fractions into decimals and percents and vice versa. (Free Printable Math Lesson Plan and Activities)

  • Cool Math is an amusement park of math and more… Lessons and games designed for fun!

  • Cool Math 4 Kids is an amusement park of math, games and more – especially designed for fun, fun, FUN! For Pre-Algebra and up (ages 13-100)

  • Cool Math Games offers strategy, skill, numbers, shapes/colour, pictures, logic, memory & board games for kids aged 2 – 5

  • Decimal Squares provides simple games for students to use to develop their math skills.

  • Gamequarium developed by Diana Dell offers an excellent catalogue of mathematics games and video demonstrations of mathematics functions.

  • Learn With Math Games is a site that I like because it offers online games as well as PDF templates for games that teachers and students can play in their classrooms.

  • Math Academy Real-life applications of mathematics while having fun? Is it possible? Yes! Created by teachers for teachers, the Math Academy tools and activities included in these booklets were designed to create hands-on activities and a fun learning environment for the teaching of mathematics to students. You can use these free printable lessons to enhance your math instruction while staying true to the academic rigor required by the state standards framework.

  • Math Cats is a website full of short math activities and math games. The activities and games are based on word problems. What is nice about the games is that they are fairly straight-forward and easy for students to self-start. Math Cats is appropriate for students in elementary and lower middle school grades.

  • Math Game Time is your destination for the best math games and homework help online. Our games are fun, educational as well as approved by parents and teachers!

  • Math Run is a simple and fun game for practicing math skills. Math Run presents players with a scrolling series of mathematics problems. The players respond to each problem by using the right and left arrow keys on their keyboards. If a problem is displayed with its correct answer press the left arrow and if the wrong answer is displayed press the right arrow. The game begins with simple addition problems and gets progressively more difficult as players advance through the levels.

  • Maths Excellence Striving towards excellence in mathematics education. Maths Olympiad questions and solutions (1997 – 2010) as well as FREE online video lessons.

  • MathTutor This is good source of Maths Video’s and is based in the UK. (Leicester University)

  • Maths is Fun is a FREE resource to help your kids learn maths.

  • has four pages of games for kids to use to practice the multiplication tables. (There are also addition, subtraction, and division games). I played a couple of the "car wash" games today and they were quite enjoyable. After playing the games I can see how kids would get addicted to the games in a good way.

  • Rader’s NumberNut is a part of Rader’s family of educational games and activities. Number Nut provides some great games with which students can practice and develop their math skills. It also includes some word problems that force students to problem solve rather than just recall information from rote memorization.

  • Shake, Rattle & Roll, an instalment in The Actuarial Foundation’s "Expect the Unexpected With Math®" series, is designed to provide teachers and students with math literacy-based materials that meet NCTM standards and are in alignment with core middle school curriculum. (Free Printable Math Lesson Plan and Activities)

  • Smarty Games features six mathematics games covering basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In addition to the mathematics and reading activities, Smarty Games offers activities for learning to read a clock, puzzles, mazes, colouring activities.

  • Sumdog's free educational games motivate your students to practise maths and Reading - while you have full control over what they learn. Students play educational games against others worldwide, while teachers control what they learn.

  • Timez Attack has revolutionized multiplication games. It’s as polished as a high-end real video game, yet as effective as a top math tutor one-on-one. The built-in assessment, adaptation, and post-test research data guarantee total mastery. FREE Basic Version teaches multiplication facts 2 – 12 and paid version has additional themes & features.



~ Group theory – Group representation) ~ Ring theory ~ Field theory ~ Linear algebra (Vector space) ~ Multilinear algebra ~ Lie algebra ~ Associative algebra ~ Non-associative algebra ~ Universal algebra ~ Homological algebra ~ Category theory ~ Lattice theory (Order theory) ~ Differential algebra


  • Algebra Equations consists of three levels.  At each level the students learn how to setup and solve the equations using the game pieces;  once they have mastered this approach, they are taught how to setup and solve the equations using only paper and pencil with the pictorial notation. Make Algebra child’s play.

  • Algebra Homework Help — People’s Math! Algebra, math homework solvers, lessons and free tutors online.Pre-algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Physics. Our FREE tutors create solvers with work shown, write algebra lessons, help you solve your homework problems. Interactive solvers for algebra word problems. Ask questions on our question board. Created by the people. Can you help?

  • Solving the Unknown with Algebra is the fifth instalment inThe Actuarial Foundation’s "Expect the Unexpected With Math®"series. (Free Printable Math Lesson Plan and Activities)


~ Real analysis – Calculus ~ Complex analysis ~ Functional analysis – perator theory ~ Non-standard analysis ~ Harmonic analysis ~ p-adic analysis ~ Ordinary differential equations ~ Partial differential equations

Probability Theory

~ Measure theory ~ Ergodic theory ~ Stochastic process

Geometry and Topology

~ General topology ~ Algebraic topology ~ Geometric topology ~ Differential topology ~ Algebraic geometry ~ Differential geometry ~ Projective geometry ~ Affine geometry ~ Non-Euclidean geometry ~ Convex geometry ~ Discrete geometry


Setting the Stage with Geometry, an instalment in The Actuarial Foundation’s "Expect the Unexpected With Math®" series, is designed to help students in grades 6-8 build and reinforce basic geometry skills for measuring 2D and 3D shapes. This program provides skill-building math activities to help your students become successful in the classroom and in real-world situations outside of school. (Free Printable Math Lesson Plan and Activities)


Number Theory

~ Analytic number theory ~ Algebraic number theory ~ Geometric number theory

Logic and Foundations of Mathematics

~ Set theory ~ Proof theory ~ Model theory ~ Recursion theory ~ Modal logic ~ Intuitionistic logic

Applied Mathematics

~ Mathematical statistics – Probability ~ Approximation theory ~ Numerical analysis ~ Optimization (Mathematical programming) – Operations research – Linear programming ~ Dynamical systems – Chaos theory – Fractal geometry ~ Mathematical physics – Quantum field theory – Statistical mechanics ~ Information theory ~ Cryptography ~ Combinatorics – Coding theory ~ Graph theory ~ Game theory

Please visit this page frequently as I will be posting regular updates as I find more resources.

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