Our Reasons for Home Education:

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Although he was achieving good results, he wasn't reaching his full potential because his love for learning had been destroyed & hence his grades were steadily declining.

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Completely failed by the system, he hated school, was always tired & homework time was a major frustration for both of us. He was severely frustrated & quickly heading to become yet another ADHD statistic.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Volcanoes Day 2 by Education Support

Today the boys did the second day of their Volcanoes Course with Barry. Last time they did a lot of theory & ended the session building some sample volcanoes from clay. Today they got to see these volcanoes erupt. Now that was some awesome FUN!!! I think if I had to learn this way in school, I might have enjoyed & remembered much more…
















Check out some more cool science at Aurora Lipper’s page.

First, it's hands-on, so they're not just reading some dry book.  I mean, my kids just can't learn from pictures the way they can from doing it themselves.  Plus, it's video-based (and taught by this super-energetic and engaging woman named Aurora), so they get to see everything step-by-step as they go through experiments.
It's self-guiding too, so they can work on it independently (this is a real bonus for me).
I'm just blown away by how much is included.
If you're looking for a new curriculum (or even if you're not), you have to check this out.  I mean it is so much better than anything else out there (even top well-known ones).
Go here to check it out:
Oh, it's not too expensive either - something else I liked about it.