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Although he was achieving good results, he wasn't reaching his full potential because his love for learning had been destroyed & hence his grades were steadily declining.

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Completely failed by the system, he hated school, was always tired & homework time was a major frustration for both of us. He was severely frustrated & quickly heading to become yet another ADHD statistic.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Homeschool Expo 2011

I joined a friend for another awesome visit to the Homeschool & Educational Expo at London Road Church, Linbro Park, arranged by Sally Victor last weekend.

We spent hours wandering around the stalls and I’ve seen quite a few materials that I might be be able to use for my boys to make their home education journey a little more interesting & fun. I’m hoping some of these will assist me in restoring their love for learning.

I have taken the time to list some of the suppliers websites & contact details below for those who were not able to attend and trust you too will find some useful recourses to help you add some fun to your home education journey.

Educational Toys

imageEducational Playtime offers a variety of educational toys. These are manufactured to high standards to withstand the robust play of lively youngsters. The finishes is durable, washable and “lead free.” I purchased the “World Safari” game for my boys and already they’ve had hours of fun learning about Continents, Oceans, Countries, of the World with the help of 3 category cards – Country, General & Visual Clues. Email Estelle Jurgens or contact +27 (12) 661-1083 or  (84) 593-1632

Abby'sAquariumAdventuresoffers books & craft kits to teach kids about marine life. Email Abby

FischerTechnikoffers educational toys aimed at helping kids understand technology. All construction sets can be ideally combined with one another. The high acceptance by parents, teachers and engineers has made fischertechnik one of the most successful educational aids in schools and universities. Contact Ilona Greeff on +27 (82) 376-0394

logooffers a revolutionary construction sets to fuel creativity & brain development. Contact Sandy Tucker on +27 (82) 483-7925


provides top quality technology resources to primary and high schools. The technology sets have been designed to cover concepts like electricity, gears systems and magnetism through the designing and building of fun models. An exicting new range has been added this year that focuses on green energy, like solar panels, wind and water power and hydro pneuno systems. Contact Jaque Lombard on +27 (82) 928-5953.

studyboost5offers educational games as well as courses in study skills for children from Grade four to high school with a focus on extracting key words and ideas, mind-mapping, memory skills and improving reading comprehension. Email or contact +27 (83) 414-0508.

Text- & Workbooks

Jade-Education4presents the Singapore approach to Maths, Science, English & IT. Email or contact +27 (11) 264 2425

image15is the leading K-12 educational publisher in Singapore and has more than 40 years of experience in educational publishing.

logo_left_06offers a complete classroom solution with their CAPS curriculum compliant courses for Grades 1-3 and Grade 10. Email or contact +27 (21) 532 6000 or check their website for a branch near you.

SmartKids4offers brand-new range of Grade 4 to 6 workbooks that are packed with all the colourful activities you’ve come to expect from Smart-Kids, but they’re older…cooler and smarter! I have so had it with the boring black & white  “worksheet wasteland” type workbooks and have purchased some of these books as they are way more appealing Slimkoppe4and I hope these will help me reduces my struggling learner’s mental-block towards worksheets & workbooks. Email or contact +27 (21) 532-6009.


offers a range of manuals that cover a range of learning areas: English, Afrikaans, Life Orientation, Mathematics, Natural Science, History, Technology, Geography, Art & Culture & Economic Management Science. Email or contact +27 (11) 958 0707


offers a variety of home learning materials to assist learners in gaining a clear understanding of their subjects so that they can master essential skills and excel in their tests and examinations. Range include Boost Maths, Find Out About, Kumon, Smart-Kids, Train Your Brain & X-Kit Study Guides. Email Veronica Napier or contact +27 (11) 347-0809 or +27 (82) 936-2622

SuricatePublishingfor step-by-step full curriculum Maths Workbooks. Email or contact +27 (73) 380 6096



GodIdeas4curriculum is a ‘way,’ a journey, a guide to discover your child’s full potential. An easy, fun, step by step journey toward your child’s destiny. It consists of a Presenters Handbook that guides parents and teachers all the way from lesson 1 to 40. And a Children’s Handbook in colour that is full of fun and interactive activities. Email Naomi / Louis or contact +27 (82) 920 1438


ReadersAreLeaders5offers a fun, interactive computer based reading and language programme in South Africa. Contact +27 (86) 110-1608 for a FREE reading assessment and demonstration at your convenience.

ANDAG5With the Sound Combination Reading Method the learner is taught sound combinations that empowers them to construct words phonetically AND to read them AND to pronounce them correctly. Other methods erroneously teach a child to memorize words and sentences and prevent them from reading unknown words. On our reading method the child is taught to read sounds combined and not to read or sound them singularly, for Japtraplees4example "ca-t" and NOT "c-a-t". Email Heidi Nel or contact  +27 (83) 415 4656.


offers a complete sight-reading program with a Christian theme. Includes 12 colourfully illustrated readers and flashcards, parent/teacher guide, bookmark and award certificate as well as read-along CD. Email Big Thot or contact +27 (83) 791-2804.


Afriphonics3is a teaching tool that has been designed by Early Years educators to provide children with a solid foundation in the understanding of phonics – the association of sounds with letters leading ultimately to writing and reading. The programme follows an ‘African’ theme in that each letter and letter sound is associated with an African animal character. It is a practical, easy to follow method of teaching children (from 3 to 8 years) to identify and recognise letters and letter sounds via a multi-sensory approach that uses concrete experiences in the form of visual clues, auditory signals, tactile experiences and large and small body movements to gain an abstract understanding of the shape and sound of each letter. The structure and design of the materials and the accompanying lesson plans ensure that the Afriphonics programme is aligned with the current principles of child development, brain-based learning and the requirements of the National Curriculum Statement for Grade R. The programme is currently available in English and Afrikaans. Email Susanne van Niekerk or contact +27 (82) 900-3192


Box'nDiceis a creative Maths package for young children. It consists of a variety of manipulatives, a DVD with activities and an electronig parent guide Email Marise Oberholzer.

Foonda-Mat1x-Logo4offers a series of maths games are a hybrid of text book content and computer technology intelligently packaged for endless use by all. Email African Intellect or contact +27 (82) 419-8828

MasterMaths5offers extra maths help for grades 4 to 12. Classes are ‘lessons’ supported by highly trained tutors teaching mathematics. Maths tutoring throughout SA is also available in Afrikaans. Email or contact +27 (21) 851-5660

Earth Science

EducationSupport6is a family orientated education support organization offering educational courses, outings and other educational services to parents and their children. Offering hands on practical work in: Earth Science, Astronomy, Model Making, Basic science, Outings + tours, Taylor made request, Atmospheric science, Working with maps, History, Photography & Family outings. Email Barry Bryant or contact +27 (11) 022-9791 or +27 (82) 331-8194


suppliers of various media relating to the creation of the world from a Biblical perspective. Contact +27 (21) 979-0107 for more info.

Foreign Language

NewEraLanguages4offers a language system designed to teach you as naturally and easily as you learn to speak your own languages. A wide variety of International and African languages are available at affordable prices. Email Alan Devenish or contact +27 (11) 802-8610 or +27 (83) 601-7014

Information Technology (IT)


offers a Primary (grades 1-7) as well as High School Curriculum that will prepare a student for the ICDL. Email or contact +27 (34) 326-4624


is a premier accredited Information and Communication Technology Company for learners of all ages. At Computers 4 Kids provides a unique ECDL Foundation endorsed Integrated ICT and Digital Literacy Online Curriculum, as well as all the backup, support and in-service training to ensure your ICT centre works for you! Their integrated ICT curriculum works on Microsoft, Mac as well as Open Source platforms. Check their website for contact details.


(International Computer Driving Licence) certification programme covers the key concepts of computing and it’s practical applications. Computer Skills for Life. Email or contact +27 (0) 21 671 1070.

Economic Management Science

CashCow5 4 Schools Homeschooling kit can help you teach your children the fundamental principles of double-entry bookkeeping in a way that is easy to understand, memorable and fun way to learn. It is aligned to EMS curriculum for grade 8 & 9 learners. Email Henk or contact +27 (82) 725-2317

FatCat5is a one-day learner intervention training in basic money matters. Email Henk or contact +27 (82) 725-2317

Educational Software

Hero Skillsoffers games are visually stunning, fully narrated, include teaching sections and are divided into levels of difficulty for 3 to 11-year olds. Email Malcolm or contact +27 11 234-5014 or +27 72 289-0098.

LearnthingsAfrica5specialises in the licensing and production of interactive learning materials and training related to the effective usage of these materials in South Africa and several African countries.Teaching Aids. Eamail Susanna Ackerman or contact +27 (11) 719 4100.

Cami6offers programs for Science ~ Physics (ages 5 –18), Maths (ages 5-18), Reader (ages 5 –18), Perceptual (ages 4 – 10) & Literacy (ages 6 – 11). Email CAMI Education or contact +27 (11) 883-8885.

Teaching Aids

Flash & Learnis a supplier of Top Quality Educational Aids to various schools, bookstores, toy shops and stationers in South Africa since 2001. Email or contact +27 (51) 522-6344

PromoEmailNov2011WinLaundryStamp5produces a wide range of products for use in schools, homes and businesses. We manufacture a wide variety of Reward Stickers, Personalised Labels, Iron On Labels, Wall Decals, Educational Magnets, Photo Magnets, Fridge Magnets, Magnetic Invitations, Art & Photo Canvas, Advertising Banners, Car Magnets & Magnetic Business Cards. Jitterbugs also provides a fully Customised Service, so if you do not find exactly what you are looking for email Jessica du Plessis or contact +27 (84) 374-3925.

experilab logo1supplies innovative science packs in chemistry, physics & electronics, laboratory equipment, rocketry and science toys as well as technology packs and components for projects. They also offer services that include Science Birthday Parties, Assistance with school projects & Scout-group get togethers. Email or contact +27 (83) 269-1773

Curriculum Providers

Nukleus10Nukleus Onderwys offers Afrikaans distance learning curriculum. Email Nukleus or contact +27 (44) 873-0346.


LearningChanneloffers a comprehensive range of Grades 7 – 12 courses that cover all the Learning Outcomes, Assessment Standards, knowledge, key concepts and skills as reflected in the National Curriculum Statement — everything you need to make a success of your world! Email or contact +27 (11) 639-0170

The Learning Channel programmes consist of three integrated components:

  • Lessons to watch on DVD.
  • A learner workbook that includes:
    • Learner-friendly style and text;
    • Real-life problems in different contexts;
    • Varied texts, for example, tables, graphs, charts; and
    • Regular assessment tools.

BIDCoffer students distance quality education of the highest international standards. The Cambridge philosophy of education provides courses which are demanding, challenging and thoroughly prepare students for tertiary study and the demands of modern life. Qualifications through Cambridge University International Examinations in Foundation, IGCSE (O Levels) and AS Levels (Advanced Subsidiary Levels) are accepted in over 160 countries. Email or contact +27 11 706 7199

Books & Software


offers a wide range of books & software.



allows you to order textbooks online & have them delivered directly to you. They also offer educational toys. Second hand books can also be bought and sold through Galileo Books.



IndigoLearning11strives to bring the best of neuroscience research together with good learning practices. Their programmes develop the essential skills of language, reading and learning. Email Yvonne Munshi or contact +27 (82) 312-7981


is the only South African website that offers a comprehensive service dedicated to left-hand learners, their parents and educators!! Providers of left-hand products and workshops. Email Tracy or contact +27 (83) 417-3316


Homeschoolers Market Day

Please note that a Homeschoolers Market Day has been scheduled for 3rd March 2012 from 09h00-15h00 at the London Road Church. Entrance is free and stalls may be booked at R50 each. Please email Sally Victor for more information or bookings.

Homeschool & Educational Expo 2012

Next year’s expo has been scheduled for 3rd November 2012 from 09h00-15h00 at the London Road Church. Please email Sally Victor for more information or bookings.

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