Our Reasons for Home Education:

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Although he was achieving good results, he wasn't reaching his full potential because his love for learning had been destroyed & hence his grades were steadily declining.

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Completely failed by the system, he hated school, was always tired & homework time was a major frustration for both of us. He was severely frustrated & quickly heading to become yet another ADHD statistic.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Steam Train Trip & Cullinan Historical Tour

Yesterday the Jedi Knights Homeschoolers boarded a steam train to Cullinan. This was a great family outing….

We met the Jedis at Hermanstad at 8h30 & after a 2 hour train trip our first stop was Harrie’s Pancakes for something to fill up the holes in the tummies until lunch time. Then we took a walk around town to check out the scenery.

We stopped at Cullinan Tourism & History office. During our one hour tour we learnt more about the town, it’s people, history & diamond mining. Of course all this viewing & learning, left just enough time to visit the Lemon Tea Garden Restaurant for some lunch before heading back to the train for our return trip to Hermansstad at 3pm.

Thank you Maria for arranging this awesome opportunity.